Self Care Housekeeping was created out of necessity.  We realized, in our own struggles with depression, the effects it would have on our ability to keep house and maintain a healthy life.  Depression isn’t something that we always know how to explain to others, nor is it very easy for others to understand.  Sometimes the answer to how others can help their loved ones get through depression is helping with laundry or making sure that bills are paid on-time.  That’s why we created Self Care.


Self Care is a full-service housekeeping company, offering everything you need to maintain a clean, healthy, and stable household.


We wanted something for people, who are suffering in silence, needing a little bit of help while they take care of themselves.  We wanted something for people who work hard to take a moment to themselves and relax without important things falling by the wayside.  We’re here for you.  Take a break.  You deserve it and we’ve got you.